Defeated by my green eyes | Mirela Necula

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Defeated by my green eyes 

Oh flute of my love, that sing heavily! 
Prelong, "Eastern" full of all dreams! 
Touched with joy on the naked shoulders of the weather!
You are fussing and grow voice with something from my eyes!

Oh threshold of my life with "earthy eyebrows"! 
Delighted by the joy of love in the face of the cunning storm!
The petrified moment shakes you with smart feelings! 
At midnight you unlock the gate, you climb the steps towering!

 Like a lava-breached volcano you fill row by row! 
Of my love, even if the wind sleeps next to me again! 
With "a blond angel by your side" you increase the "halo of the night" by sitting!
With closeness to my eyelash, with the touch of a saint! 

Wait, your tender whisper whispers to me when you easily embrace me! 
With incomprehensible fear, loved and defeated by my green eyes

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