পোস্ট বার দেখা হয়েছে

Thanks giving Day . . .

Slavka Bozovic

(Country: Montenegro)

Oh, lord of heaven

 You who see and hear everything

I humbly ask you today

  Have mercy on helpless souls.

I will offer a gentle prayer

 like a quiet wind

For all the people I love

 keep them from the evil of all.

Christ God, Creator

 extended his almighty hand

Don’t let brothers and friends

to feel some torment.

Give health and joy

 The warm well-being of the house

So in the future

 worries will be much less.

At the table that everyone is fine

 They have a lot of food

We will be eternally grateful

 And for the blessing with which you defend us!


Young and restless

Mirela Necula


Young and restless, violin whispers,

We scatter vibrations as the sun rises,

Masters of past memory and of the immune branch of clouds,

Together we weigh our silver and the tangled pain.

During our life "specified the kingdom of my fires"

To infinity I have elaborated flexible love,

Replanted feelings, gradually founded,

All the life spend with his alone beauties.

How well, however, our hope is a thousand soft words,

In the sanctuary and with the will of the resting kind of heaven ,

After smoldering days, tenderness holds our hand,

Dry by everything, but with the mantle of love master.

 "We have a bust with reference", beautiful hat,

Known during the thousand kisses period and the sky theory ..

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