লালন গীতি ( অনুবাদ) || Lalon Sai....A journey By Sayantika || Part -2

পোস্ট বার দেখা হয়েছে

Fakir Lalon Sai is the ocean full of love and emotion...religious tolerance and love is the central force which transforms an earthly soul to an universal one. We tend to dive in the ocean to collect a pocket full of holiness, but always remain  over-shadowed by the darkness of casts and creed. 

Lalon rejected these differences ... Lalon's philosophy denies all worldly affairs in search of the soul and embodied the socially transformative role of sub-continental Bhakti and Sufism. 

In my second edition of this journey...I have come up with some more trancreation, with the hope that like the first part...this time too...you all will be a part of my journey.

Love me not by my class ,

love me by my soul,

the light showers on the flowers ,

the night covers the road...

but I walk to Lalon...only in search of eternity .

To know oneself above the world , to give space to the inner soul to bloom, to find unity of the division of myself is what Sai ji teaches. But we all are left closed in a room, light cannot enter, world cannot feel the smell of light. We are constantly out in a search, we search for the Lord, we search for treasure....but we forget that the real gold is inside us. We , ourselves are the treasure-house of the world .The soul is the cell of the light...Lalon Sai says it all......

আমার ঘরের চাবি

আমার ঘরের চাবি

পরের হাতে রে,

আমার ঘরের চাবি।

আমি কেমনে খুলিয়ে সে ধন

দেখবো চোখেতে রে,

আমার ঘরের চাবি।

আপন ঘরে বোঝাই সোনা

পরে করে লেনা দেনা,

আমি হলাম জন্ম-কানা

না পাই দেখিতে রে।

এই মানুষের আছে রে মন

তারে বলে মানুষ রতন,

ফকির লালন বলে পেয়ে সে ধন

পারলাম না চিনতে রে।

The key to my house

Translation by Sayantika

 The key to my house

 is left on the hands of someone else,

 The key to my house.

 How will I open the treasure

 how will I see with my own eyes,

 The key to my house.

 My house is overflowed with gold,

 I have crossed the debit and credit score,

But I was born blind

 I can't see it.

 He has a heart,

 People call it jewell

 Fakir Lalon said he was rich

 I could not recognize the light.

We are all in deep misery but to cure our problems , we take the wrong road. We never listen to our heart...which has all the solutions , rather we think about the society and in this process , we are left on the death bed. We are always running to reach the destination taking the short route...the lust , the greed increases...but Lalon says ....we die in greed...and greed is sin.....

Sai ji shows us the right way to reach the destination....which is beautiful and pure......

কুপথ্যি করে

আজ রোগ বাড়ালি শুধু কুপথ্যি করে ।

ঔষধ খেয়ে অপযশটি করলি কবিরাজ্যেরে ।।

মানিলে কবিরাজের বাক্য

তবে রোগ হত আরোগ্য

মধ্যে মধ্যে নিজে বিজ্ঞ

হয়ে গোল বাধালি রে ।।

অমৃত ঔষধ খালি

তাতে মুক্তি নাহি পেলি

লোভ-লালসে ঘুরে মলি

ধিক তোর লালসেরে ।।

লোভে পাপ পাপে মরণ

তা কি জান না রে মন

লালন বলে যা যা এখন

মর গা যা ঘোর বিমারে ।।

Wrong medication....

Translation by Sayantika

 The disease is spreading due to wrong medication,

  By taking his medicine I have made the doctor controversial,

 If I have followed the advice of the doctor

the disease would be cured

 Wise in itself

 It became a goal.

 The nectar medicine is empty

 I was not released

  the greed made me die 

 I hate your lust ..

 The sin of greed is the death of sin

 Don't you know that?

 Lalon says whatever it is now..

die in incurable disease.

Cast- a taboo to the society ! We are all under this stigma...the pride of being in the upper caste of society gives us the aura to crush the lower caste. But humanity?? where lies the pride of being human? Lalon's philosophy defines a man only as a human but not as a brahmin or a shudra...Humanity is above everything. We did not carry a caste or a creed while we were born..neither will we take our caste while we depart..then why carry it as a burden all through the lifetime? If we have food from the hands of  a prostitute...how does it effect our caste?

Lalon Fakir says....caste is only an illusion...yet we scream , make noise at the fear of loosing our caste...

জাত গেল জাত গেল বলে একি আজব কারখানা

জাত গেল জাত গেল বলে একি আজব কারখানা

সত্য কাজে কেউ নয় রাজি সব দেখি তা না না না।।

যখন তুমি ভবে এলে

তখন তুমি কী জাত ছিলে

যাবার বেলায় কী জাত নিলে

এ-কথা আমায় বল না।।

ব্রাম্মণ-চণ্ডাল চামার-মুচি

একই জলে সব হয় গো শুচি

দেখে শুনে হয় না রুচি

যমে তো কাউকে ছাড়বে না।।

গোপনে যে বেশ্যার ভাত খায়

তাতে ধর্মের কী ক্ষতি হয়

লালন বলে জাত কারে কয়

এই ভ্রম তো গেল না।।

The caste gone, caste is a strange factory....

Translation by Sayantika

 The caste is a strange factory,

 No one agrees with the truth, I see everyone dancing out....

 Tell me when you came to this earth_

 What were you born then?

 What will you take while leaving?

 Do tell me that.

 The upper caste or the lower...

 Everything is clean in the same water

 Taste is not seen and heard

 Death will not leave anyone ..

 The one who eats the rice of a prostitute , 

 What is the harm of religion

 How many are born in Lalon...

  the illusion is still there....



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