I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD ~ Avdulah Ramcilovic

পোস্ট বার দেখা হয়েছে

I want to change the world

 to be more beautiful,

 to have more goodness

 and peace and freedom.

 That people are not divided

 by anything

 because God created them

 that they are similar in everything.

 They are all called people

 and their blood is the same,

 references to races,

 nations, religions, whatever

 is a pure formality.

 If there is any difference

 let it be by goodness,

 to those who are good

 and those that can be better.

 To have enough work,

 that there is no hunger and war anywhere,

 that people love and help each other

 as brother loves brother.


 Avdulah Ramcilovic, poet, teacher, master of pedagogical sciences, was born in Montenegro.  Sir Ramcilovic is the author of 8 books of poetry.  His poetry is represented in 207 international books, collections of poetry.  He is the winner of numerous literary awards.  His poetry has been translated into several world languages.  Poet Ramcilovic lives and creates in Austria...

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